BAEC Bulletin - May/June 2023

CANDIDATES FOR DIRECTOR 12 | May/June 2023 | BAEC Bulletin

Cheyenne N. Freely Associate, Hodgson Russ LLP

The legal profession has some shining qualities that make it prestigious and just, but it is also an imperfect system with glaring flaws and inequalities. Together, I believe we can work to reform the system and improve our profession. That is why I am running for a position on the Board of Directors for the Bar Association of Erie County. By leading with an emphasis on inclusivity, I will work to bring as many voices to the table as possible in pursuit of a brighter future for our community. My goals are three-fold. First, I would work to increase membership, particularly amongst attorneys from underrepresented backgrounds and attorneys in the early stages of their careers. By bringing new faces to the Bar, we bring new ideas, fresh perspectives, and new opportunities for all members. Second, I will work with my fellow directors to engage in targeted outreach to attorneys within our community to seek as many perspectives as possible. From local bar associations to law firms, solo practitioners, non-profits, and more, we will develop a plan to establish open lines of communication with those we have the privilege of serving. Finally, plans mean nothing without action. I would call upon my experiences in advocacy and implementation to effect change to empower our attorneys and advance justice within the legal system. I would be honored to serve as one of your next BAEC Directors and encourage you to cast your votes anytime between May 15 and June 2.

Thank you!


Joseph S. Brown Partner, Goldberg Segalla

Helen Ferraro-Zaffram Managing Attorney, Center for Elder Law & Justice

Samantha I.V. White Staff Attorney, Western New York Law Center

Henry A. Zomerfeld Senior Associate, Hodgson Russ LLP

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