BAEC Bulletin - May/June 2023

BAEC Bulletin | May/June 2023 | 9


Andrew M. Wilson Partner & Team Co-Leader - Immigration, Lippes Mathias LLP

Thank you for your time in reviewing my candidate statement and considering me for the role of Deputy Treasurer for the Bar Association of Erie County (BAEC). We all have limited time within our professional and personal schedules. Within those time constraints, it is important to choose initiatives that fill our buckets and energize our spirits. I am always searching for activities that reside at that elusive intersection of good citizenship and personal fulfillment. Why am I running for Deputy Treasurer? I am hopeful to become a member of the BAEC Officer Group for both altruistic and selfish reasons. For you , I hope that I can utilize strategies I have learned from others over the past 25 years of practice and translate them into improved services and programs. The foundation has already been laid by many selfless, dedicated attorneys before me in establishing high standards for our bar. I simply hope to learn more and identify areas for continued improvement. For me , it is a great opportunity to learn from other attorneys, work more closely with Sarah Washington and fill my personal bucket by feeling like an asset providing a service to our bar. I have enjoyed working with many stalwart individuals from the BAEC, MBWNY and UB over the past two years planning our Empire State Legal Diversity Career Fair. I hope to have the opportunity to collaborate with many others in this Deputy Treasurer role. I am honored to run for Deputy Treasurer of the Bar Association of Erie County. As a graduate of the University at Buffalo’s School of Management and a recent graduate of the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership, I bring a unique perspective to the financial management of our esteemed Bar Association. With a deep understanding of the financial principles essential to any organization, I am equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to manage budgets, track expenses, and analyze financial data with precision and accuracy. Additionally, my education in entrepreneurship and innovative problem-solving will allow me to find new ways to support the financial health of the Bar Association of Erie County. As Deputy Treasurer, I will tirelessly ensure our organization’s financial resources are used effectively and efficiently. My commitment to transparency and accountability means I will closely work with the Bar Association staff, Treasurer, Vice President, President and Board of Directors to identify new revenue streams and cost-saving opportunities. I am deeply committed to the legal profession and believe that the Bar Association of Erie County plays a critical role in advancing justice and the rule of law in our community. As a leader in the organization, I look forward to working collaboratively with the Bar Association staff, the Board and our members to achieve our shared goals. Thank you for considering my candidacy for Deputy Treasurer of the Bar Association of Erie County. I respectfully ask for your vote and the opportunity to serve in this role. Vanessa C. Gabriele Managing Attorney, Gabriele Law PLLC

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